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Our First Blog Post!

Welcome to Conscious Cooks very first blog post. For those of you who don't know us, we are Kayla Randazzo and Michele Carty! We met at a local gym opening and came to realize we both graduated from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. We met for coffee and the rest is history! Our love for plant based healthy food fuels our business.

The Beginning...

Conscious Cooks began with cooking demonstrations for people wanting to learn to cook healthier meals for themselves and their families. Recipes are given out along with information on health facts and what products we prefer over others.


After conducting many cooking demonstrations, we realized the need for plant based meals in our area was great. We heard the requests and began offering healthy vegan meals for pick up or delivery. Our business is constantly evolving. We really enjoy interacting with people in the community and so, farmer's market became a staple in our calendar. Right now, we are continuing with farmer's markets, healthy cooking classes...and our veggie burger is even on the menu at a local restaurant! In this new venture of blog life, we will be posting recipes and tips for everyone at home. This blog couldn't come at a better time as the country (and world) is in a very rough predicament dealing with the COVID-19 virus. We realize the need for communication and interaction within our community. Online is one of the best ways of communication we can think of. We love you all and we can't wait to get started!

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