Organizing Your Grocery Run

We know these are very trying times for people, filled with uncertainty and stress. Going to the grocery store is more of a big deal and limiting the number of times you go is probably on everyone's mind. We would like to help you out a little! If you are like us, we tend to make lists for everything, grocery lists are number one!

Here are a few tips for navigating through the grocery and getting everything on your list!

- Know your Aisles

Most grocery stores are set up the same way. Produce and dairy aisles tend to be

on the outer edges of the store. This is where you will find all your fresh

veggies, salad/olive bar, milks, eggs and bread usually. The inside aisles tend to

be more dry goods such as baking ingredients, snacks, canned goods and pasta.

Knowing where things are in your grocery really helps cut down on time and

confusion. There's nothing worse than walking through the store trying to find

a missing ingredient.

- Plan Ahead

Creating a plan for the week is a good idea to make sure you have enough food

to get you through. Plan different meals for each day using similar ingredients.

This way you don't need to spend too much money at the store since you are

reusing the same ingredient (such as rice or tofu). If you need ideas on different

meals to make, looking online or in your favorite cookbook is perfect! Before we

go to the store, the cookbooks are spread all over the table and we are trying to

see what the next delicious meal will be. Write down the ingredients you need

for each recipe and see if you have them already in your house so you are not

over buying.

- Make Lists