Vitamin Rich Foods for a Healthier Lifestyle

A lot of times, people are deficient in vitamins. Being vegetarian or vegan can make it harder to get some of these vitamins through the food you eat. We will discuss the most vitamin rich plant based foods and then go into the major vitamins we need for a healthy composition.

Kale - Guess what? Our favorite vegetable is the King of vitamins! At only 50 calories per 100 gram serving, it’s packed with more than your daily recommendation of vitamins. Kale is extremely high in Vitamin C at 200% daily intake. Vitamin C is key to a healthy immune system and can fight against viruses and illness in the body. Kale is also very high in Vitamin A, K1 and B6. Kale has become a little more popular now a days with hundreds of great recipes to incorporate it into your diet.

Eating it raw is ideal. We definitely recommend “massaging” the kale before eating. Yes, massaging. Just drizzle a little olive oil, or if you prefer to not use oil, lemon juice works. Then, with your hands, massage the kale by rubbing it together for a few minutes. The kale will become a darker green. This allows the super veggie to be more easily digested. It also gives it a softer, more appealing texture, and we think it makes it more delicious. See how you prefer to eat kale!

Garlic - Another staple in our kitchen! Garlic is used in most of our recipes because it adds great flavor to any dish. It is also high in vitamin C, B1 and B6. Garlic is another food that helps fight against disease and boosts your immune system. Eating garlic raw is a little tough to do as it can be quite pungent and spicy. We like to lightly cook it in our recipes allowing the most nutrients to be absorbed in the body after eating. If you can eat it raw, go for it! It’s extremely good for you! You can also roast garlic, which allows the flavor to take on a sweeter taste.

Potatoes - Believe it or not, potatoes are one of the most healthy vegetables you can eat! They get a bad rap in the health world because we mostly see them fried or lathered in butter and sour cream. While those preparations are delicious, they will not give you the health benefits we are looking for. Potatoes are loaded with Vitamin C and most B Vitamins. There are 8 different B Vitamins which all have its own property and use. We will discuss these more in detail below. These healthy spuds contain a little bit of every nutrient you need! People have lived and survived on a diet solely of potatoes. Try eating potatoes baked with very little toppings. If you want to add some flavor, spices like garlic powder, chili powder, chives, onions, parsley can all help! You can also boost the nutritional value by topping your potatoes with roasted broccoli or cauliflower!